My journey to the Bar Method began a little over 2 years ago.  I had just turned 45, going into my 16th year of marriage, moved 7 times, renovated 3 homes and had 3 children all 2 years apart.  When you add house training a new puppy and trying to help take care of a sick parent you get one exhausted woman!  I went from 29 to 45 in the blink of an eye and was starting to feel tired, cranky and completely out of shape.  Though not more than 10 pounds over weight, I just felt sluggish all the time and my cloths were starting to get tighter and tighter.  During lunch one day with a friend, she mentioned the Bar Method and thought it might be just what I needed.  I asked if it was a crowded gym with everyone talking and waiting in line to use equipment, because if that was the case it’s not for me.  She said no, it’s a 1 hour class something like yoga, ballet and pilates combined together.  Okay….why not give it a try, what do I have too lose?  So I went home, got on the Bar Method website and signed up for a class.  The next day when I walked in the instructor greeted me by name and made me feel extremely comfortable and welcome.

I won’t lie, that first class was brutal!  My legs shook out of control, I couldn’t pick my legs off the ground in round back without the aid of a strap, my feet wouldn’t lift off the floor in flat back, the instructor must have called my name 100 times that day.  Debbie stand straight, sink lower, chest up,embrace the shake, don’t give up it will come in time.  They were right, I didn’t give up, 2 years later and countless classes I can finally sink low, lift my leg almost to the bar during round back and my feet are finally off the ground in flat back.  It’s still not easy, but I love every minute of that 1 hour and won’t give it up for anything!  I look forward to hearing my name called in class because I know they are trying to get me to be in the best form possible, and I embrace that completely. It was and still is the best money I have ever spent for myself.  I’m in the best shape of my life and I owe it all to the wonderful instructors at the Bar Method.

Thank you Gina and Melissa for giving strength, piece of mind and focus throughout my day!  You are the BEST!photo-3


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