THE BURN: It’s worth it!

The ever-present possibility of going “deeper,” “higher,” “lower,” or “farther” keeps the door open for NEW CHANGE. Have you been reluctant to work lower in thigh-work because you’re not strong enough yet? Or are you really holding back because you’re afraid of the burn? How do you deal with the burn?! Ask yourself this question — eking out the answer (in the heat of the moment!) can strengthen not only to your muscles but your mental toughness as well.

Here’s how our teachers deal with the burn (or the hardest parts of class):

We asked our gang: How do you get through the hardest parts of class? 
LIZ: I grit my teeth & will myself to keep going because the results are worth it!
MARCY: I find someone who I know will push me. I try to stand near that person and go lower than her in thigh work and push-ups and try to lift my legs higher than her in flat-back. I become so involved in pushing my hardest, that before I know it, class is over! Of course, now that I’ve divulged this, I doubt anyone will want to stand near me!
NICOLE: I tell myself “you just can’t quit!”
CATHERINE: I mentally push myself and trust the instructor. If I know it’s the last burst and I feel out of steam, I push through by thinking I can do this for a few more seconds — it won’t kill me!
JANET: I get through the hardest parts by focusing on my breathing and capturing the beat of the music for motivation.
MELISSA: I get competitive with myself. I dare myself not to come out of the hardest parts of class and 
to go farther than I did yesterday!
CARRIE: I close my eyes and pray to the Gods of the Burn that the teacher will start the last count-down!
JESSIE: I grit my teeth until the teacher starts counting. Once I hear the count (even if it’s not the last subset) I latch onto it mentally and then I know I can make it through. 
JOYCE: I do 3 things: I try to isolate the target muscle & picture how it will look as a result of my hard work. Next, I think about my well-deserved Starbucks coffee that I’ll have after class. Lastly, I think really mean thoughts about the teacher!
GINA: I literally visualize the parts of my body where I want to see the results and I remind myself that this is what works!
KATIE: I honestly say to myself, “I can do this!” There are so many times that I wanted to bail but say to myself, “I can be a lame ass and bail or I can be a bad ass and suck it up!” You can do anything for a minute!

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