What the tuck?

What the Tuck?!
Yes, there is a time to tuck and a time to simply grip your glutes. They are both part of the “Bar Method tuck” which protects your back as it stabilizes your core. Additionally, the tuck improves your posture (by strengthening postural muscles and elongating the look of your body) as it stretches tight back and hip muscles.

During class this week, ask yourself, “Self, are we tucking correctly?” After all, no one wants to be a bad tuck.

The correct Bar Method tuck makes your spine straight and not overly tilted under. Here’s how: soften your knees, grip your glutes and aim your tailbone straight down for warm-up exercises like bent elbow lifts, shoulder walks and bicep curls, thigh exercises like second position and diamond and curl exercises like high curl and low curl.

Now FEEL THE DIFFERENCE between this basic stance and a deeper tuck required for exercises like push-ups, plank, heel lifts, knee-dancing, waterski thigh, standing seat and diagonal seat. When you firmly tuck in these exercises, bend forward at your waist (shift your ribs forward and pull your abs in tightly)! This combo will ensure back safety and optimal form while working your glutes & core – who could ask for anything more?!



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