Healthy Holiday Tips!

images-1It’s the HOLIDAYS  filled with family, friends, romance, parties, snowflakes and songs…Wait. That’s in the movies! In reality, we’re busy all the time and the holidays simply make us CRAZILY busy. In addition to the whirlwind of activities, there are the parties filled with goodies and cocktails. Did you know that the average American gains 7-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day?! No wonder most of us make New Year’s Resolutions! Here are some ways that our teachers stay HEALTHY and SANE during the holidays!

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle during the holidays? 

carrie Carrie:  I give myself a little slack: I might cheat on my healthy diet, but I will NOT slack on my workouts!

Nic69735_nNicole: If I know I have a big party  coming up, I try to make sure to eat well for a few days before and get plenty of classes in so I can enjoy the meal and eat dessert and drink the wine (or vodka or beer, etc!!!) and get right back to class!

11051994_10153156802416287_5351070646405693215_n Liz: I try to eat/drink in moderation and work out when I can. When I start stressing over gaining a few pounds during the holidays, I remind myself that I’ll be back working hard at Bar in no time and it will all even itself out!

cathCatherine: I try to find balance – if I overdo it one day, I try to lighten up the day after. When all else fairs, I remind myself that “I am allowed” and know that I’ll be back on track soon enough!

Jess Jessie: My holiday party tip is to eat a healthy, protein-rich snack (i.e. apple with almond butter) before I go out so I’m not starving when I get to a party. And I take class as much as I can!

IMG_1523 Joyce: That’s easy, more Bar and more water!

What do the holidays mean to you?                                                                     Catherine: A time to give, to love and somehow get through the stress!

Carrie: Family, food & naps!

Joyce: Wine (my go-to)!                                               Exercise routine involving bottle

How do you stay sane during the holidays? 

Carrie: Wine. Can you print that? (yes, Carrie, it’s a common theme!)                                                    

Catherine: I try to look ahead only one week at a time and use to-do lists, shopping lists and Bar Method (teaching and taking).

Nicole: I just deal…and go to Bar Method!                                                 

Joyce: I pull back, spend more time at home and take advantage of online shopping.

How do you see Bar as a gift to yourself?                                                              

Nicole: I LOVE Bar Method’s stretches.  All of the exercises are challenging, but I am most grateful (and feel like I’m treating myself) with each stretch.                                                                                            

Catherine: Bar is the best gift because it is ONE HOUR FOR ME. I feel SO LUCKY to have Bar Method as mine: my outlet, my sanctuary and my key to mental and physical well-being!

Jessie: Bar is truly the best gift I give myself. It makes me strong mentally and physically, and I love being a part of this amazing community of staff and clients. Whether I’m teaching or taking a class, it is my most zen time of day, when nothing else matters but those 60 minutes.

Carrie: I check out of the daily grind to focus on myself (and whatever part of my body is  being tortured at that moment in class)!

Joyce: Making it through thigh and seat and laying my mat on the floor for curl always feels like a gift.  To me, curl is the icing on the whole Bar cake.        2BaoTWcpo6epTkzRdTGdAfB_v4JkFzzpf2L_9I42fbY.jpg

What is the best gift that you ever received during the holidays?                            Liz: My husband proposed to me on New Year’s Eve 21 years ago — best gift ever!

Nicole: A super special blanket that is the BEST…perfect gift for me!

Catherine: My Cabbage Patch Kid that I received in 3rd grade. Her name was Ramona Petunia. As an adult, my children are my best gift (cheesy, I know!).

Joyce: The Barbie Dreamhouse (which I would still totally play with if I could.  The elevator was super cool!).

Carrie: The Barbie RV. That thing was awesome!

giftThe bottom line: celebrate (and survive) the holidays by focusing on moderation and finding a healthy balance of fun and hard work (we’ll help you with the hard work part!)! ENJOY your family, friends and all of the special holiday moments over the next month and maintain your health from the inside out with us at the B’ville Bar (this way, you’ll get a jump start on all of those resolutions!)!


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