FRIENDS: Tackling Bar Together!



Get fit with a little help from YOUR friends!
Jen & Janine’s Bar experience has been made all the better due to their friendship. They motivate each other, hold each other accountable and have FUN together as they shake, tone & sculpt at the B’ville Bar.
Read their accounts below!
JEN’S STORY: “I’ve always been an athlete but as I got older, I realized how difficult it was to stay in shape. Running and working out at the gym became a chore and it wasn’t really working! After my first baby, I quickly fell into the routine of a tired new mom who didn’t make exercise a priority. After my second baby, I told myself, ‘No more excuses!’ My sister-in-law is a Bar devotee and urged me to try it. After one class, I was hooked so I dragged along my friend, Janine! I love going with her — she keeps me accountable! Every Sunday, we map out our Bar classes so we have a plan. This last month at Bar has been so fun and rewarding! I can already see results!”
JANINE’S STORY: “I had back surgery two years ago and was looking for a workout that would give me results while not causing more problems for my lower back. Jen told me about the Bar Method. I was skeptical but decided to give it a try (the worst that could happen was that we’d have a good laugh!). Many classes later, I can’t imagine not going to Bar — I actually look forward to class! I love that each hour is full of thigh and ab work (my weakest spots) and that my back hasn’t bothered me at all! The class environment is positive and encouraging which helps us push ourselves to try more challenging moves. We already feel stronger and more flexible!”
Email us at to sign up for our 2016 BUDDY CHALLENGE — tackle your resolutions together!!

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