Avid yogi, Laura, quickly fell in love with the Bar Method because of the efficiency of the work out AND the overwhelmingly awesome attention from our teachers. Read her story, below!
“The first and almost immediate effect I noticed upon starting at the Bar Method was a change in my posture. In addition, I was using muscles I hadn’t used in years and loved the challenge. When I walked in for my second class, the manager knew my name and the owners introduced themselves. I’ve honestly never experienced this kind of customer service! The amazing instructors help me through every class. Their encouragement keeps me coming back. They not only ask new people their names (and remember them) but they know each student by name! I’ve even had other instructors help me in class as they were taking class! I am 100% hooked and try to come 4-5 times a week. I can see a difference in my abs, legs, and butt and already feel stronger. Finally, I love that I can work my entire body in one hour and can choose from several classes a day! I am so glad I found this oasis!” Thanks, Laura!! #barmethod #gethooked



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