36d4b113-f903-4377-98c3-5c82efc52095SOPHIA’S STORY:

I started taking Bar Method classes in August, 2015 after a friend in Westfield recommended it to me. I immediately felt the difference between Bar Method classes and any workout I’d done before and fell in love. I had tried other programs like Crossfit and spinning, but nothing quite resonated with me like Bar Method. I was nervous for my first class and keenly aware of my young age in relation to most others, but the welcoming atmosphere and incredibly kind and supportive teachers made me feel at home and comfortable! It’s now May 2016 and I can proudly say that I am definitely in the best shape of my life thus far! Going to Bar Method three to five times per week has allowed me to feel more confident, carry myself with better posture, increase my flexibility and consistently eat healthier at home, all while working towards a stronger and more toned body.  I walk out of each class feeling accomplished and empowered.  My friends and family have noticed these changes too.  I can’t recommend the Bar Method highly enough! ~ Sophia


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