STACY’S STORY! It all started with a gift card and a package of thick, grippy ankle socks: my husband had given me the holiday gift I really needed!  At 39 years of age, with two toddlers, I had a body I didn’t recognize, no time for myself and sparse opportunities for exercise! I was also struggling to schedule a weekly play group for my girls.  At the B’ville Bar Method, my problems were solved! I was hooked from the start. As the first few days of intense soreness set in, it became apparent to me that Bar classes were effective and efficient. Even as I struggled to keep up for the first few weeks, everyone was friendly and so supportive. Who knew there were this many gorgeous, fit, bad-ass women in the Bernardsville area who made push-ups look so easy? These incredibly strong women inspire me to push harder each day. After three months of attending classes regularly, I have muscle tone that I haven’t seen since high school!  As an added bonus, my back strength has increased so markedly that I no longer suffer with back pain (I haven’t seen my chiropractor in months, and I feel no need to make another appointment)!  My oldest daughter, Fiona, asks me every morning if we can “pleeeease!!” go to Bar. She loves to play with other kids, watch cartoons, cover herself with stickers and, of course, choose a lollipop at the end of class.  I’m happy that she and her younger sister, Gwen, have supervised playtime with kids of varying ages while I have guilt-free time to challenge myself physically and mentally. Plus, I now have more energy to keep up with them than ever before! ~ Stacy


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