Catherine Gilbert has been teaching in our studio for over three years. A mom of two, this ex-high school teacher will sweetly kick your booty with a big smile!  When she takes class with you, she is an inspiration (and, yes, she’ll always go lower than you in thigh!).
Here is her Bar story!
How did you first hear about Bar Method?  I heard about the grand opening of the B’ville Bar Method through a friend and we went the first week it opened — I was instantly hooked!

What made you fall in love with Bar? The flow of class and the fact that I could work every muscle group in one hour. I had never experienced a class so hard, yet so addicting that I couldn’t wait to come back for more!

How many times per week do you take class? About 4 times per week.

What part of your past prepared you to become a Bar teacher?  Teaching high school English and my passion for fitness and for people! 

What was the biggest message learned during your teacher training? There is a REASON for every single thing we do and say in Bar Method (that’s the method!). Also,  the Bar Method compares to no other workout — including other barre based classes! 

What’s your favorite exercise during class? Thigh (chair & narrow v) and seat work (arabesque & turned out foldover). And I love, love, love backdancing!

What exercise is the hardest for you? Reverse pushups — it’s always so hard!

Any Bar goals? To stay committed, mentally and physically, by taking 4 classes per week and to improve my form in curl (abdominal work). So much concentration goes into all of the exercises, especially curl!   Any teaching goals? To get Bar Move certified!

What has been your greatest Bar Method accomplishment? As a student: taking class throughout pregnancy and afterwards, becoming stronger than I was before! As an instructor: taking the method to a greater level each year, becoming more confident and mentoring a new instructor throughout her post-training process.

How has Bar Method changed you for the better? I am mentally and physically stronger since finding Bar and this helped me through my pregnancies and raising two young children. Bar has allowed me to be part of such a supportive and strong community.  Bar Method is such a huge part of my life, I really don’t know what I would do without it!


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