3758645a-9e0d-49f3-988a-a22d0d4b3ca8To know Carrie McDonald is to love her. She is sweet & caring, even when teaching a smart, killer class! We are so grateful to have her back in our studio (yes, we lost her for a bit!). Find out more about Carrie’s personal Bar journey and her life outside of Bar!

“I’m a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. In 1996, I started as a neonatal nurse and, in 2000, I got my master’s degree to be a nurse practitioner.  I have worked at Morristown Medical Center since 2007 (with a brief hiatus for 2 years  when I moved away). I am part of the medical team that manages the care of sick babies. I do procedures, attend high risk deliveries and go on transports to pick up sick babies from some of our outlying hospitals. 
I started working out at the B’ville Bar one month after the studio opened in 2010. It took me a few months to realize what a brilliantly designed workout it is, but once I did, I was HOOKED. Plus, I became a little leaner and a lot more flexible. In 2011, I begged Melissa and Gina to give me a chance to be an instructor, and before I knew it, I was going to training with Katie Mohan! Soon thereafter, my husband told me we were moving to Canada so my dreams of being a Bar instructor were shattered. Or were they? Fast forward to the summer of 2014 when we moved back from Canada! Forty-eight hours after we moved back, I got my booty back to Bar! Gina’s smiling face greeted me at the desk and asked me how long I was visiting. When I told her that we’d officially moved back, and she asked me if I wanted to go back to instructor training! I had four weeks to get back into “Bar shape” before I was off to training (again!) in Ridgewood.
I am so grateful for Bar. It will always be a part of my life, not just for its physical benefits, but for its mental/sanity benefits! I can leave my (occasionally) stressful medical world and simply focus on myself and our amazing clients! During that hour of taking class or teaching, I focus on NOTHING ELSE which is a great mental escape! As an instructor, it is amazing to be able to watch our clients enjoy the same benefits that I do. The transformations (both physical and beyond!) are AWESOME!”

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