48d4aa9f-a79d-40b3-81a7-ec03fcbceafcTEACHER FEATURE: CARRIE! 
Our favorite Neonatal Nurse is one cool chick (you know, the kind of gorgeous girl who will hop on a mechanical bull at a bar!). Even though her classes will whoop your butt, you don’t mind because she’s so sweet and funny! To know her is to love her, now read why Carrie LOVES Bar!

How did you first hear about Bar Method? I heard about it from some random girl at a wine tasting. Go figure!

Who taught your first class? Gina. All I remember is her bouncing around the room and taking my forearm off of the bar during thigh work. What? You mean I can’t lean on the bar? Isn’t that why it’s called “Bar” Method?!

What made you fall in love with Bar? It was such a different workout. I left every class feeling exhausted, strong and AWESOME!

How many times per week do you take class? 4-5 times per week as my work schedule allows.

What part of your past prepared you to become a Bar teacher?  Taking care of sick babies, I often have to lead a team through stressful situations. Those leadership skills help me guide Bar clients through a workout in a nice, organized fashion. But I rarely get to say “STAT” at Bar! Maybe I can work it in…”Put your weights away and get back to the bar STAT!” See? I can’t help it!

How did your audition to teach/teacher training go? Putting on that microphone made me so nervous! It’s hard to sound confident when your voice is shaky and you feel like you’re going to poop your pants!

What was the biggest message or revelation that you learned during that process? That I can take myself out of my comfort zone in my 40’s and own it.

Where can we find you when you’re not at Bar? Either at work in the NICU at Morristown Medical Center or at home with my husband, Joe, and our 2 dogs. We’re homebodies and proud of it!

What’s your favorite exercise during class? Arabesque! It makes me feel like a ballet dancer…at least for a few reps!

What’s your favorite exercise to teach? Foldover. It can be difficult for some people to do correctly, but once they do, it looks amazing!

What’s the exercise you have the hardest time with? Waterski seat. There’s so much to think about at once. And it really hurts (in that good, Bar Method way)!

What is your current goal at Bar? To be strong and lean.

What has been your greatest Bar Method accomplishment? I’ve had people tell me they appreciate how I interact with their teenage daughters in class. That feedback meant a lot to me because I want to be supportive/encouraging with our teen clients. They have SO much going on in their lives. I want them to feel welcome and encouraged when they come to Bar. I’m sure it’s daunting to walk into a class full of adult women, but it’s great to see the teens coming to class, loving it and getting stronger!

How has Bar Method changed you?  As a student, Bar Method has made me SO much more flexible! I hope to be doing Bar at 90! I want to be the most flexible old lady in the nursing home! As a teacher, Bar Method has made me confident and proud. I’ve met SO many amazing women who  inspire me every day. I can’t imagine life without Bar!


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