Jen has been teaching in our studio for just over a year, kicking one butt at a time with precision and grace! Prior to having children, she spent 13 years in the retail industry and we’re using this experience to help with our retail…and with YOURS! Need a little spring makeover? Want some fashion inspiration? She’s here to help! Details to follow…but first, more on Jen and her love of Bar Method! e3af5493-c798-4c0e-99a4-5cbe33eb2e6f
How did you first hear about Bar Method? From a family friend in California.
Who taught your first class? Gina.
What made you fall in love with Bar?  It works. It’s hard, technical and takes as much mental focus as it does physical exertion. There is no space in the room for outside life to creep in.

How many times per week do you take class? Four.

What part of your past prepared you to become a Bar teacher? A life long love for working out and a career where public speaking was a constant part of the job.

What was the biggest revelation learned during the teacher training process? That surrendering to the discomfort of being outside of your comfort zone isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s uncomfortable, but it forces you to grow.

Where can we find you when you’re not at Bar? With my family and my two girls.

What’s your favorite exercise to teach? Leg lifts. I love how they provide the opportunity to play with client’s orientation in the room during thigh.

What’s the exercise you have the hardest time with? Flat-back. My second pregnancy tested my hip flexors intensely and they have not been the same since. So instead of lifting my feet in flat-back, I keep it simple and focus on the primary muscles (my abs) and my form throughout the exercise.

What is your current goal at Bar? Continue to lean out and define my muscles more. As a teacher, I want to help each client find their best form and really feel each exercise!

What has been your greatest Bar Method accomplishment? Making it through the training process to become a teacher. During that process you are so green and there is so much to learn and remember. It really tests your resolve to get up in front of everyone and be bad…and eventually…good!

How has Bar Method changed you for the better? I have a better relationship with my body: how I look, what I can do and what it takes to look the way I want.


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