The SCIENCE Behind Compression Pants

If you tried on the new Vimmia compression pants, you know why everyone is so excited about them! They feel fabulous on and you look fabulous in them. These pants are working as hard as you are, and we just can’t stop talking about them. Why? 17361935_10154993594866287_2246941199782019883_nThese pants make you look five pounds slimmer. They  hold everything in place, yet are still oddly comfortable. Cellulite? What cellulite?! It just vanishes in these pants! We could probably stop there, but there is so much more!

The benefits of compression are well documented. This type of fabric construction allows more blood and oxygen to be pumped into the compressed muscle and aids in reducing waste by helping to pump the blood back to your heart. This “in-with-the-good-out-with-the-bad” technology allows your muscles to perform more effectively and for longer periods because they are continually being fed. So when you’re praying for Melissa to call the last 20 in thigh, don’t bail! Simply dig deep — you’ve got reinforcements!

Lastly, they also use thermoregulation, ever heard of that?! It’s the process that allows your body to maintain its core internal temperature. They do this through the wicking properties in the fabric that balance heat gain and loss. This way, your body can focus on getting stronger and leaner rather than regulating your core temperature. So in other words, you stay super comfy even when Gina cranks up the heat!
Who knew that we’d be talking about science with regards to our workout wear?! Check out compression pants and let us know what you think — whether you bought them from us or elsewhere, we want to hear your experience with them! In the meantime, we’ll keep admiring your sleek physique thanks to Bar Method (with a little help from our compression pants!)


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