Marcy is the quintessence of Bar Method; her passion for all things Bar will knock your sticky socks right off your feet! Before becoming a Bar Method teacher in 2013, Marcy took class EVERY DAY. Yes, every darn day! Marcy’s flamboyant outfits will put a smile on your face. Her sense of humor in class will brighten your day as she sculpts your body from head to toe! We are blessed to have this beautiful, fit and funny woman in our studio! Read her Bar Method journey below!

How did you first hear about Bar Method? I saw signs for the Bar Method during the build out — I am a frequent King’s Plaza shopper!

Who taught your first class? Hillary taught my first class, so there were quite a few chuckles involved.

What made you fall in love with Bar? I came into the studio as a fit person who didn’t think the workout would be challenging. Boy, was I mistaken! Not only did I sweat and shake, but I found the exercises so different and interesting. Plus, I had never heard the word “seat” as a reference to one’s backside muscles…it was so lovely and ladylike!

How many times per week do you take class? I take 4-5 classes per week.

What part of your past prepared you to become a Bar teacher?  Before I taught Bar, I was a group exercise instructor for many years.  I was used to wearing a headset at work.  But this also proved to make teacher training more difficult as I had to “unlearn” the way is used to teach and learn how to teach using the Bar Method formula.

How did your audition to teach/teacher training go?  My audition to teach was ok.  I was nervous because I really wanted Gina and Melissa to feel I had “the right stuff.”  In group fitness we would count down from 8 during a final count. I didn’t realize that in Bar, we count up from 1 to 20 (i.e, last 20). Gina and Melissa quickly pointed that out to me!

What was the biggest message or revelation that you learned during that process? The biggest take-away was that being a BM instructor is much harder than it looks! It began with the requirement to learn all of the clients’ names.  Huh?!  I never had to know anyone’s name when teaching a step class! I also learned that it is ok to make mistakes and that you can laugh at yourself (which I still frequently do).

 Where can we find you when you’re not at Bar? Spending time with my wonderful friends, beautiful family and three doggies.

What’s your favorite exercise during class and to teach? I love teaching every exercise; they are like delicious flavors of ice cream — it is difficult to pick one over another. But if I had to choose, it’d be reverse push-up (to teach and to do myself).  I love it because it is over quickly, it’s fun and challenging AND it tones your arms!

What’s the exercise you have the hardest time with? One weight lifts.  I get verbally corrected to draw my shoulder blades closer towards one another. Doing that works your postural muscles while sculpting the back of your shoulder.

Do you modify any exercises? (why?) Yes; you will frequently see me at the stall bar during stretch at the bar as I have tight hamstrings. In order to straighten my bar leg fully, I take advantage of a lower rung.   I will also modify push-ups from the balls of my feet to my knees if my form starts to fail mid-set.

What is your current goal at Bar? My current goal is to continue to take many classes and improve my strength and form AND motivate others to do the same!  As a teacher, my goal is for my students to get a body changing workout while having fun!

What has been your greatest Bar Method accomplishment? Passing the certification exam. It felt so good to become a member of such an amazing staff!

How has Bar Method changed you for the better? Bar Method has changed me for the better….no doubt!  I suffered a devastating personal tragedy six years ago and I’m not sure where I would be without such a wonderful place to work, without the wonderful girls I work with and without the joyful clients I have the privilege of teaching. Bar Method is my blessing.


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