erin As a mother of four little ones, Erin understands the power of the class hour — it’s that one hour where you can focus on yourself! Erin has an innate ability to make that hour count by infusing class with as much humor and motivation as possible, all while kicking your lifted booty!
How did you first hear about Bar Method? From Catherine. We met at Gymboree when we were bringing our sons there 7 years ago. Time flies!

Who taught your first class?  Catherine! She and Stephanie Dougherty convinced me to try Bar Method. I remember being nervous all day long thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?!”

What made you fall in love with Bar? It was the one hour a day that I had to myself. No one was crying. No one was asking me for juice. I wasn’t wiping noses or rear ends!

How many times per week do you take class? 4-5 classes per week.

What part of your past prepared you to become a Bar teacher?  Being a competitive figure skater and gymnast, I’ve always been fairly disciplined. I set goals and I’m determined to achieve them. I’m a hard worker and I love a challenge.

How did your audition to teach/teacher training go? I had no clue how to put the headset on. We’ll leave it at that!

What was the biggest message or revelation that you learned during that process? There were two. 1) Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 2) I’m my own worst critic.

Where can we find you when you’re not at Bar? At the ‘other’ kind of bar! Just kidding. Either at a hockey rink, field, dance studio or barn with my kids.

What’s your favorite exercise during class? I’m a big fan of push-ups and reverse push-ups.

What’s your favorite exercise to teach?  Thigh work. I can sympathize with the clients while motivating them.

What’s the exercise you have the hardest time with? Knee Dancing.

Do you modify any exercises? Why? If my wrists are sore, I’ll use weights to do reverse push-ups. If my hips are bothering me, I’ll use a mini mat instead of a ball for thigh work. I always sit on a riser for pretzel because of my hips. I’ve learned to listen to my body. I’m not 20 anymore (as much as I’d like to think that I am).

What is your current goal at Bar? As a student, to drop lower for the final 20 (not just final 10) in thigh. As a teacher, give clients not just a great workout, but an hour of fun! This is their hour to escape the reality of the day!

What has been your greatest Bar Method accomplishment? While I’m thrilled to be certified and Bar Move certified, it was the act of going to the initial training and showing Melissa and Gina that I had what it takes to get through the entire process!

How has Bar Method changed you?  Bar Method has given me a piece of ‘me’ back – a piece of my identity that maybe disappeared for a while being a stay-at-home mom. It has also given me some of the closest friends I’ve had in my post college/adult life. I couldn’t be more grateful!


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